1. Is Safari Really That Fast? - Round 2

    Apple went about claiming Safari 11 is the fastest browser. MacWorld found that to be true. I double checked. You're welcome.

  2. Baby's First Twitter Bot

    I made my first ever Twitter bot. Here's a short blurb about it.

  3. Maybe We Should Just Stop Hacking

    Why thinking about our work as developers as "hacking" is a bad idea.

  4. Some Browser Benchmarks, 2015

    Every now and then I like to benchmark browsers for JavaScript performance out of some strange curiosity. And then I write about it.

  5. Everything Wrong With My Department's New Website

    The IST department at RIT recently completely overhauled their website and I am exceptionally disappointed in what they've produced. (Updated following a response from the department.)

  6. Public Logging with Alfred and Littlelogs

    I made a simple Alfred workflow for logging stuff to Littlelogs.co and wanted to share!

  7. Is Safari Really That Fast? The Results

    The results are in! I've benchmarked the browsers... Here's what I've found.

  8. Is Safari Really That Fast?

    Apple wants us to think Safari is 6 times faster than the other browsers. I'd like to test that theory.

  9. You Should Learn to Code for One Reason

    I weigh in on the, "you should learn to code" debate.

  10. Above the Fold: Does It Still Matter?

    A long-standing rule of web design is that a substantial amount of content be "above the fold". But does that really matter as much as it used to? It really depends.