1. Year in Review: 2020

    2020 was certainly a year. Looking back on it, I tried to find some good parts to carry into 2021.

  2. July 2020 Review

    Trying to pick these back up, many months into COVID quarantine... Here's a recap of the past few months.

  3. March 2020 Review

    COVID-19 forced me and much of the world to stay indoors... Here's how that's started off for me.

  4. February 2020 Review

    This one was published so embarrassingly behind schedule it's pretty abbreviated.

  5. January 2020 Review

    My monthly reviews take on a new format in 2020. Big story this month: I moved from Queens to Brooklyn.

  6. Year in Review: 2019

    2019 was a roller coaster of a year... This is a long look back at what happened, and how I feel about it and the new year ahead of me.

  7. December 2019 Review

    The end of the year is always a busy time for me. This year was no exception.

  8. November 2019 Review

    A pretty eventful month - a couple trips, a sad departure, and dipping my toe back into dating...

  9. October 2019 Review

    October was a notably busier month than September - highlighted by announcing my promotion at work, and a week-long vacation in Seattle!

  10. September 2019 Review

    Publishing this much, much too late so it's pretty brief. That and September was a relatively low key month.

  11. August 2019 Review

    An expensive month, but a fitting celebratory end to summer.

  12. July 2019 Review

    Pretty packed month, which meant the goals I set slipped by. Still, this summer has been pretty awesome so far.

  13. June 2019 Review

    A big company event and some traveling to the south are the big highlights for June.

  14. May 2019 Review

    May was a pretty great month. A trip to Boston, a weekend with an old friend, and some new team members joining at work.

  15. I'll Always Find Out

    For the second time in my adult life, I've found myself rethinking the concept of home. I still don't think I have a definition. But I think I'm finding some comfort in not having one.

  16. April 2019 Review

    April was a serious rollercoaster of a month. But like any good rollercoaster, you step off feeling great - and things are looking up.

  17. March 2019 Review

    A very busy, productive month that came to a harsh end.

  18. February 2019 Review

    February held an exciting vacation and a couple other events. Despite that, or perhaps because of it, a notable increase in productivity as well.

  19. January 2019 Review

    January was a relatively calm month after the excitement of the holidays.

  20. I'm Quitting Facebook

    After debating it for months, I'm finally pulling the trigger and quitting Facebook. Here's why, and how you can keep hearing from me when I've left The Social Network.

  21. Year in Review: 2018

    2018 was a packed, pretty exhausting, but overall good year.

  22. December 2018 Review

    December was a fast month, featuring a long end-of-year break from work.

  23. November 2018 Review

    November was a pretty eventful month.

  24. October 2018 Review

    It's been a full year since I moved to New York City... Time has really flown!

  25. September 2018 Review

    A couple celebrations, a short vacation and reasonable achievement of my focus goals make September pretty solid.

  26. August 2018 Review

    The end of summer brought quite a few plans, which was fun, but as a result I didn't complete my focus goals for the month.

  27. June / July 2018 Review

    I've been pretty busy and managed to miss my review last month, so here's June and July together.

  28. May 2018 Review

  29. April 2018 Review

  30. March 2018 Review

  31. January 2018 Review

    Published extremely late, but a look back at January.

  32. February 2018 Review

    Being more productive, and an exciting vacation are the main highlights of the month.

  33. Annual Review: 2017

    A look back at 2017; a year that was not at all what I expected it to be.

  34. Monthly Review: December 2017

    A look back at the end of the year.

  35. Monthly Review: November 2017

    I've been in New York for 2 months already - it's starting to feel normal.

  36. Monthly Review: October 2017

    My first month in New York City has been interesting. Settling in, trying to figure out what life is now.

  37. Monthly Review: September 2017

    September was a hectic month, with some enormous (but exciting!) life changes.

  38. Monthly Review: August 2017

    Ending the summer on a pretty strong note.

  39. Monthly Review: July 2017

    Good news financially and solid progress on my goals made July pretty great.

  40. Monthly Review: June 2017

    My most productive month so far this year, good progress on my workout routine, but my wallet is not as stoked about June.

  41. Monthly Review: May 2017

    Time off from work, some celebrations, and new goals. May was pretty good.

  42. Monthly Review: April 2017

    One year older, but that's probably the biggest thing that changed this month.

  43. Monthly Review: March 2017

    Mostly good news for my health stats, not so great news for my finances. March was a mixed bag.

  44. Monthly Review: February 2017

    Strong goal progress made this month pretty alright.

  45. Monthly Review: January 2017

    My monthly reviews take a new format this month. Take a look, and let me know what you think!

  46. Year in Review: 2016

    Last year I set out to make 2016 "better". I think it was, but not entirely how I intended. 2017 will require a little more methodical approach.

  47. Monthly Review: December 2016

    Filled with traveling, December was a hectic end to the year.

  48. Monthly Review: November 2016

    November wasn't so bad. A little less sleep, possibly some changing habits, and a Christmas wish to not go broke.

  49. Monthly Review: October 2016

  50. If Donald Trump Wants To Be My President, He Has A Lot Of Work To Do

    And so do you.

  51. Monthly Review: September 2016

    The theme here is that September was expensive. Thanks to traveling, and car-related expenses, I completely blew my budget, but that’s okay.

  52. Monthly Review: August 2016

    Looking back on August, 2016.

  53. On Graduating

    In which I recount most of my accomplishments from college, and reflect a little on what the whole experience ultimately taught me.

  54. Monthly Review: July 2016

    July wasn't quite what I wanted, but not terrible.

  55. Monthly Review: June 2016

    June was the first full month post-graduation, so it was mostly about establishing a new normal. On that front I think I did well, but

  56. Monthly Review: May 2016

    I look back on May, a particularly hectic month. I graduated from college! Next month is all about finding a new normal.

  57. Monthly Review: March 2016

    March was a little hectic at times, but overall not too different from February. The big news is that I accepted a job for after graduation!

  58. Monthly Review: February 2016

    February sees the return of a packed schedule. It's reflected in the numbers, and I'm looking ahead for a happier March.

  59. One Reason I'm Difficult to Hire But Shouldn't Be

    I've been looking for my first post-graduation job; it's pretty demoralizing for an unfortunate reason.

  60. Monthly Review: January 2016

    A look back on the month of January, some interesting stats, and what to focus on for February.

  61. 2016 Will Be Better

    Somewhat vaguely committing to making 2016 better than 2015.

  62. Embracing the Full Range of Human Emotion

    The last few weeks have been an insane emotional rollercoaster and I'm learning to embrace it.

  63. Observations on Soylent

    Reflecting on my experience eating Soylent for (almost) a week.

  64. Body, Meet Soylent

    I learned about the meal replacement Soylent a while ago. A recent update finally convinced me to give it a try.

  65. My Résumé is an Open-Source JSON File

    I decided to take a more natural-for-me approach to designing my résumé.

  66. One For The Books

    2015 will be full of a lot more reading for me.

  67. Finding Flow in Changing Tides

    I've recently made a substantial shift in employment and my new schedule has me all mixed up.

  68. A Scheduling Conflict

    I completely failed at this week's Beanstalk goal, but that's okay. These kind of things always leave me questioning the way I schedule my time, though.

  69. Beanstalk Update 2

    I made a very small amount of progress this week. I finally wrote some code. It sucks.

  70. Beanstalk Update 1

    The first look at how I think Beanstalk will be structured and how I got there.

  71. An Adventurous Endeavor

    I firmly believe in the value of side projects, and I think it's time I started on a new one. This time, I turn to Java.

  72. Being Okay With Less

    A brief essay outlining my choice in becoming a minimalist.

  73. A Little Bit Less This Year

    Resolving to live with less to have a whole lot more in 2014.

  74. A Very Full 2013

    Taking a look back on all 2013 had to offer for me.

  75. 30 Steps to Simple

    Starting an easier, freer way of life.

  76. The Social Connection Balancing Act

    Exploring the interesting issue of being "friends" on Facebook despite having a fully public Twitter account.

  77. On Being Broken Up With

  78. Why I Came Back to Camp