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There’s not a whole lot to say about September, as it was pretty uneventful. A couple doctor’s appointments, two last Mets games for the season, and an excursion outside the city to go apple picking. The doctor’s appointments mostly follow ups to investigating my chest / shoulder pain in August (turns out I needed a couple vaccines, and had low vitamin D and iron counts).

I’m also publishing this so late (whoops!) I’m going to note here that as September progressed things with the new girlfriend started to take a real downturn. At the very beginning of October we decided it would be better if we were just friends so we’re giving that a try.

I also didn’t look at correlations early enough to see how they were in September, so I’m skipping them for this review, and they’ll resume in October, which was a much more exciting month.


Overall looks like my productivity dipped a bit more in September, but since my average productive time increased my productivity was maybe more consistent? The average is still well below my goal of 5.5 hours of focused productive time per day, so I think I need to find a way to reign in a few distractions. For the first time in a while one of my top categories is a distracting one (social media) - but on the flip side, software development came back to the top, so it looks like I spent less time in meetings this month.

  • Productivity pulse of 75 (-2)
  • Met All Productive Time goal 8/20 days
  • Average 5h 3m (+17m) productive time per day

RescueTime Top 5 Categories:

  1. Software Development (34%)
  2. Communication & Scheduling (30%)
  3. Utilities (7%)
  4. Miscellaneous (5%)
  5. Social Networking (4%)


Somehow back on my bullshit of eating more but losing weight, which wouldn’t be a problem if I weren’t so borderline underweight as it is… Actually managed to not spend too much this month, which is good because I’m taking a vacation in October so I expect I’ll be spending much more next month.

  • Average of 8,122 steps / day (-9.1%)
  • Average of 2,338 calories / day (+2.2%)
  • Average of 7 hours 27 minutes of sleep / night (-1.1%)
  • Average weight of 137.3 lbs (-1.3%)
  • Average body fat percentage of 10.4% (-5.5%)
  • Average of 217mg of caffeine / day (-4%)
  • I spent 86.5% of my income1

September’s Focus

I didn’t set any focus goals for September!

October’s Focus

Just one goal: think ahead for next year. A lot has happened the past few months, and I think it’s time to just plan ahead for next year, set a few things in place to meet whatever goals I decide for next year. So, I guess that’s the focus - consider possible goals for next year and what needs to be put in place to achieve them.

1Monthly spending is calculated as expenses, divided by income, minus 2%. The 2% reflects my 401k savings, which never arrives as income in Mint. This is to help me better estimate what my overall savings rate is.