1. September 2019 Review

    Publishing this much, much too late so it's pretty brief. That and September was a relatively low key month.

  2. August 2019 Review

    An expensive month, but a fitting celebratory end to summer.

  3. July 2019 Review

    Pretty packed month, which meant the goals I set slipped by. Still, this summer has been pretty awesome so far.

  4. June 2019 Review

    A big company event and some traveling to the south are the big highlights for June.

  5. May 2019 Review

    May was a pretty great month. A trip to Boston, a weekend with an old friend, and some new team members joining at work.

  6. I'll Always Find Out

    For the second time in my adult life, I've found myself rethinking the concept of home. I still don't think I have a definition. But I think I'm finding some comfort in not having one.

  7. April 2019 Review

    April was a serious rollercoaster of a month. But like any good rollercoaster, you step off feeling great - and things are looking up.