1. March 2020 Review

    COVID-19 forced me and much of the world to stay indoors... Here's how that's started off for me.

  2. February 2020 Review

    This one was published so embarrassingly behind schedule it's pretty abbreviated.

  3. January 2020 Review

    My monthly reviews take on a new format in 2020. Big story this month: I moved from Queens to Brooklyn.

  4. Year in Review: 2019

    2019 was a roller coaster of a year... This is a long look back at what happened, and how I feel about it and the new year ahead of me.

  5. December 2019 Review

    The end of the year is always a busy time for me. This year was no exception.

  6. November 2019 Review

    A pretty eventful month - a couple trips, a sad departure, and dipping my toe back into dating...

  7. October 2019 Review

    October was a notably busier month than September - highlighted by announcing my promotion at work, and a week-long vacation in Seattle!