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Par for the course, I failed almost miserably at last year's New Year's Resolution. I didn't do most of what I said I would. But I did succeed incredibly in the crux of the goals I set forth last year. Sometime during the year I became okay with less.

Just how okay didn't really set in until Christmas rolled around. I had a particularly difficult time thinking of items to put on my wishlist. I was able to wrack my brain hard enough to find a few things I'd like to replace, but asking for anything was still a stretch. But in the end, I didn't experience the same level of stress as most people I observed over gifts they were giving, or the jealousy over who got what. So while the specifics of last year's resolution totally fell through, the overall goal of focusing on minimalism was, I think, a rousing success.

When thinking about this upcoming year, I decided to think a little smaller than last year. For 2015, I'm setting just one goal: read more books. I used to read far more books than I do now, though I think I still read about as much as I used to. I'm a huge fan of Pocket. They even sent me an email telling me I was among the top 1% of Pocket users this past year, affording me a 33% discount on Pocket Premium (which I decided to sign up for to support the company). But I have a number of books laying around that I haven't read, both physical and electronic, that I'd like to get through. There are also a few books I'd like to re-read.

So, I'm setting a goal of 25 books for the year. Whether they're books I've already read or haven't read doesn't matter. I just want to read more books. Taking some time to slow down and focus on something for a while is going to be good for me. To track my progress, I'll be using Goodreads, where my "to-read" list has already filled with more than 30 books. Want to follow my progress? Let's be friends on Goodreads.