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The Numbers

  • Productivity pulse of 50 (232.3 hours logged) (-13)
  • Average of 7h 24m of sleep each night (+0%)
  • Average calories of 2,100 (-11.8%)
  • Average steps: 3,780/day (-7.5%)
  • Money spent: 72.6% of income)
  • Books read: 0 (-1)
  • Blog posts written: 1 (+0)

Exist Insights:

  • I get more steps when it’s the weekend (40%) and when I spend more time asleep (25%)
  • I’m more productive when it’s Wednesday (38%)
  • I use Atom more when I consume less energy (24%) and I use Steam more when I consume less energy (25%)
  • I complete more tasks when I wake up earlier (33%) and when it’s Monday (20%)
  • I spend more time asleep when I wake up later (47%) and when I go to bed earlier (52%)
  • I spend more time active when I have a better day (32%)
  • I consume more energy when I spend less time asleep (32%)

RescueTime top 5 categories:

  • Software Development (26%)
  • Social Networking (20%)
  • Entertainment (14%)
  • Communication & Scheduling (11%)
  • Utilities (7%)


I’m too exhausted by the election to have the energy to write very much about October, so unfortunately this will be brief:

I stuck to one of my goals, at least: I was well under budget, spending only 72% of my income. My bank account thanks me for that! I did not do much more reading, so much for fall weather kicking me in the pants to do that. Most of my Exist insights are just slightly more reinforced trends from the month before so it looks like I’m in a pretty good routine. The new trends I’m looking at are food related (“consume more energy”, meaning “calories”), now that Exist has had a while to start building trends, but so far it doesn’t look like there’s a whole lot I couldn’t have already guessed.

I had also wanted to keep an eye on my productivity at work, and while my productivity pulse dropped a lot, I also logged about 65 additional hours, at least 32 of which I spent playing The Witcher 2 on my desktop at home. I’d have to run an “office hours only” report to get a real good idea about what changed during work hours, and I may at some point but not for this post.

Looking ahead to November, my goal is just to keep taking care of myself. The surprise election of Donald Trump gives me and many of my closest friends reason to worry, pause and reflect on a lot. I’m not setting too many goals for November.