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The Numbers

  • Productivity pulse of 57 (218.2 hours logged) (+7)
  • Average of 7h 3m of sleep each night (-4.7%)
  • Average calories of 2,268 (+8%)
  • Average steps: 4,460/day (+17.9%)
  • Money spent: 85.4% of income
  • Books read: 0 (+0)
  • Blog posts written: 2 (+1)

Exist Insights:

  • I get more steps when I spend more time asleep (25%)
  • I’m more productive on Wednesdays (34%) but also log more distracting time on Wednesdays (21%)
  • I eat consume more energy when I spend less time asleep (21%) and on Fridays (27%)

RescueTime top 5 categories:

  • Software Development (28%)
  • Social Networking (20%)
  • Communication & Scheduling (13%)
  • Business (11%)
  • Entertainment (9%)


November was something of a trying month. The immediate aftermath of the election lead to a lot of energy spent on various heated debates online, for what ever those were worth. The shock has pretty much faded at this point, but the bad news about it all rolls in regularly these days. The growing certainty that life under President Trump is going to be incredibly bad for a lot of people, and nothing short of a disaster for the environment has been the biggest source of regular stress lately.

On the plus side, I was a lot more productive this month. I logged a little less time than October, but thinking back on my projects through November at work I feel a bit more accomplished.

Something that confused me in this review is that my Exist correlations were… not interesting. The only strong correlations were extremely obvious things like I get more steps on the weekends - because duh, I’m not confined to a desk for 8 hours. My guess is that this means my habits are changing and the data hasn’t caught up enough to be reflected in the correlations? That or I’ve become so inconsistent that correlations are disappearing which, given how November felt, wouldn’t surprise me.

It’s pretty clear that last month’s review was written at a low point after the election, and on this side of things I can say that I did keep taking care of myself. For December, I’d like to just make it through the hectic holidays and prepare for some new goals in 2017. And if I can get through Christmas without spending all my money, that would be great too.