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This review is a few weeks too late, but I wanted to publish it anyway. It's probably not that interesting.

The Numbers

The numbers from March don't tell too different a story than February.

  • Rescuetime productivity pulse of 59 (+2)
  • Average of 7h 8m of sleep each night (0%)
  • Average calories of 2,829 (+.8%)
  • Average steps: 8,885/day (+6.7%)
  • Money spent: 137.1% of income (+252% - oops)
  • Books read: 1.5 (+0)
  • Blog posts written: 2 (+0)

##Exist insights## I've pulled a lot of the same correlations from Exist this month and found some strengthened relationships from February. I think this speaks to just how routinized my life is as a student, which I'm pretty okay with. Other than that, I pulled a few correlations looking at mood as I'm trying to manage my stress.

  • I get more steps when I’m more productive (47% related)
  • My weight is higher after I’m more productive (56%) and when I walk more steps (62%)
  • I’m more productive when I spend more time active (26%), when I get more steps (20%), and when I tweet more (18%)
  • I have a better day when I’m more productive (34%), and when I log more distracting time (47%)
  • I have a better day when I spend more time asleep (14%)

Rescuetime top 5 categories

  • Business (18%)
  • Social networking (17%)
  • Communication and Scheduling (17%)
  • Software Development (13%)
  • News & Opinion (9%)


There wasn’t a lot different about March than February, really. I was more active than last month, spent more of my money (oops!) and was a tiny bit more productive, but that’s about all that’s noteworthy. Intuitively, the correlations with mood make sense to me, as I generally feel better when I feel accomplished (as most of us do), but having more to do also tends to make me feel more stressed. This is something I will definitely keep an eye on for next month's review.

I think what I may do going forward is look at the same set of correlations month to month in Exist, rather than trying to pick out ones that look interesting. I haven’t decided yet, but it may be more useful to pick out very specific relationships and track those over time rather than look at what feels interesting when I look.

The big news for March is that my post-graduation job search is over! At the end of Spring break, I accepted a position at [ClickSpark]( as a Web Developer. I’m really excited about this opportunity, and I’m looking forward to staying in the Rochester area for a bit longer. I’ve come to really enjoy life here, and want to explore it as a “regular person” rather than a student.

##What to Focus on in April## Since I’m writing this review so late, this seems a little silly to include, but I can tell you that this month has focused on searching for an apartment, and struggling through the last few weeks of college. I recall at the end of March feeling like I wanted to try to get even more sleep, but I can tell you that I have failed tremendously at this.

April’s review will probably be more interesting.