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Less productive and not as active, but strong goal progress. Didn’t manage to finish my book, but good work on the others. Starting to see a few custom tag correlations in Exist which is nice too.


Big drop in productivity this month, and I’m not entirely sure what caused it. The drop in meeting my all productive time goal is absolutely because I changed the goal from 4.5 hours a day to 5 hours a day so a drop was expected. I averaged 4h 59 minutes of productive time a day so I nearly made it on average. Still doing a bad job adding and completing tasks in Todoist.

  • Productivity pulse of 70 (-7)
  • Average of 0 completed tasks per day
  • Met All Productive Time goal 11/22 days

RescueTime Top 5 Categories:

  1. Communication & Scheduling (33%)
  2. Software Development (31%)
  3. Social Networking (10%)
  4. Business (8%)
  5. Utilities (4%)


An interesting shift here from Tuesday being my most productive day to Monday. The correlation between being productive and eating more calories strengthened as well - brain food? Still having better days when I get fewer emails.

  • I’m more productive on Mondays (24%) and Wednesdays (22%)
  • I consume more calories when I’m more productive (23%)
  • I have more great days (rated a 5) when I receive fewer emails (16%)


A lot less walking this month, for better or worse. July was skewed by some long walks along the Erie Canal, which I didn’t do at all in August so there’s the drop.

  • Average of 5,331 steps / day (-28.5%)
  • Average of 2,210 calories / day (-5.1%)
  • Average of 6h 14minutes of sleep / night (-3.1%)
  • Average weight of 143.7lbs (+0.2%)
  • Average body fat percentage of 12.8% (+2.4%)
  • I spent 94.7% of my income


This month really reinforced that going to bed earlier means I get more sleep. Maybe in September I’ll try to go to bed earlier.

  • I spend more time asleep when I go to bed earlier (67%)
  • I track "pullups" more when I spend more time asleep (26%)
  • I have more bad days when I get less sleep (19%) and when I don’t track “coffee” (18%)
  • I consume more calories when I spend more time asleep (12%)

Books Finished

Did not finish any books, but I am 2/3 of the way through the 4th book in the series I’m reading.

Main Goal Progress

Following my refinance of my student loans in July, my previous bank sent me back an automatic payment that happened before the payoff was made. That payback financed a trip to New York City to visit my girlfriend, helped me put a bit extra into savings and really helped me pay down my credit card.

I deposited $196.17 to savings this month, bringing my total to $3,549.64, which I’m really happy with. Even better though is closing the month with my credit card at just $81.25 - an enormous drop from last month’s balance of over $560. Amazing the things I can do without ginormous student loan payments (insert upside-down smiley face emoji here).

As for pull-ups, I did the workout 10 of 15 scheduled times, which isn’t too bad. I did 5.2 sets per work out - a small drop - but 6.74 reps per set which is a decent gain.

Main Goal Next Month

Finish my book and the next one. I say “read more” a lot, but it seems like a reasonable goal to reach for, given that paying off my credit card is within reach.

More to come in September, stay tuned!