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More consistent productivity, turning 25 and getting a new iPad are the April highlights.


Overall, my productivity dropped very slightly, but I met my 5-hour all productive time goal at a higher rate, so it would seem that my productivity level was at least more consistent, if nothing else.

  • Productivity pulse of 74 (-1)
  • Met All Productive Time goal 15/21 days
  • Average 5h 9m (-11m) productive time per day

RescueTime Top 5 Categories:

  1. Software Development (37%)
  2. Communication & Scheduling (28%)
  3. Social Networking (10%)
  4. Business (9%)
  5. Utilities (5%)


My productive and distracting time correlations are a bit weaker, which jives with meeting my productive time goal more consistently. Still looks like I get to Friday and just eat a whole lot more food, and what better way to kick off a weekend, really?

  • I’m more productive on Tuesdays (19%) and log more distracting time on Wednesdays (18%)
  • I consume more calories on Fridays (29%)
  • I receive more emails on Mondays (37%)


Late April saw a turn for the better in the weather, and I got outside to walk a bit more. Also glad to see my average calorie intake is up, as keeping my weight up is a constant struggle.

  • Average of 8,410 steps / day (+16.5%)
  • Average of 2,186 calories / day (+4.3%)
  • Average of 7h 7minutes of sleep / night (-1%)
  • Average weight of 140.0lbs (+0.1%)
  • Average body fat percentage of 11.4% (+1.7%)
  • I spent 83.9% of my income


It would seem that on Thursday I get hopped up on coffee and fire off a bunch of tweets. Slight decrease in correlation between better days in sleep, but I track coffee more when I sleep less, so maybe coffee makes me feel better? If not, looks like it might be the carbs.

  • I tweet more on Thursdays (27%) and track “coffee” more on Thursdays (22%)
  • I track “coffee” more when I spend less time asleep (39%)
  • I have more great days when I spend more time sleep (15%)
  • I have a better day when I eat more carbs (22%)

April’s Focus

  1. Have fun on my birthday

Pretty simple celebration - company took me out to lunch and held a happy hour at a bar after work. Was very fun, indeed!

  1. Draft the actual content for my new website

Managed to let this slip again. It’s the thing I keep thinking about whenever I review a month, but don’t really think about day to day. I’m going to solve for that this month.

  1. Replace my iPad

I have a new, 6th-generation iPad! Definitely preferring the size over the mini I used to have. Very happy to have replaced it.

May’s Focus

  1. Increase automatic savings transfers to 12.5% of my income

If found that the full month with 10% of my income automatically being whisked away into various savings accounts was not difficult to budget around. I’m going to increase the automatic transfers to account for 12.5% of my income and adjust the rest of my budget accordingly.

  1. Try a physical planner

I’ve considered using a physical journal / planner for goals and to-dos before but never committed to anything. I like the idea of a bullet journal but never thought I’d stick to a system like that. I also didn’t really find a planner I really liked - until just recently. Someone I follow on Twitter tweeted about and when I asked recommended a Passion Planner. It looks like it’ll be a nice mix of daily / weekly focus and “bigger picture” planning. The 2018 dated ones are 50% off, making it inexpensive enough to give it a shot. If you happen to order one yourself, be sure to use my email address in the referral (!

  1. Write my new site content (for real)

I’ve added an always-open note (I always have the Stickies app open) on my work computer, so I will more regularly see the note to draft the content for my new site. I’m hoping the constant reminder will be enough to get me to actually do it.