1. Migrating to Eleventy from AnchorCMS

    How I migrated my old blog content from a defunct CMS to Eleventy.

  2. Native Fallback Values in CSS with SASS

    An exchange of tweets inspired some discussion about a fallback syntax in CSS.

  3. Building Websites is a Craft

    A manifesto of sorts, calling for a return to basics in front end web development.

  4. Year in Review: 2020

    2020 was certainly a year. Looking back on it, I tried to find some good parts to carry into 2021.

  5. July 2020 Review

    Trying to pick these back up, many months into COVID quarantine... Here's a recap of the past few months.

  6. March 2020 Review

    COVID-19 forced me and much of the world to stay indoors... Here's how that's started off for me.

  7. February 2020 Review

    This one was published so embarrassingly behind schedule it's pretty abbreviated.